Supply Policy

Last Updated: 02/02/2020

As part of our mission to empower publishers, Notsy recommends that publishers follow industry best practices and policies to support a healthy ecosystem and maintain sustainable revenue streams. Ultimately, facilitating quality experiences for users and advertisers alike is the best way to monetize engaging content.

By using the services provided by Notsy, you agree to abide by the guidelines set out in this document. We reserve the right to update this document as needed, and it is your right and responsibility to keep up-to-date with these guidelines.


While adhering to the following policies should help ensure sustainable access to advertiser budgets, we at Notsy, along with our partners, reserve the right to refuse monetization of any segment of inventory at any time. In addition, acceptance of any segment of inventory on Notsy's platform does not limit the right of Notsy's partners to reject that inventory.

Use of Google Ad Manager in conjunction with Notsy's services requires compliance with Google's guidelines. In the event of a discrepancy between Notsy's guidelines and Google Ad Manager's guidelines, the more stringent requirement will prevail.

Additional policies published by some of the leading SSPs and exchanges are here. Keep this information in mind if you plan to use any of these vendors.

Site ownership

The company or individual that owns the domain and site must be clearly (and easily) identifiable and verifiable as a legitimate business.

All domains must be submitted for review and explicitly approved by Notsy to be eligible for our services.

Any inventory or sites not directly owned or operated by the entity contracting with Notsy, must be clearly identified as such to Notsy, and may not be eligible for all Notsy accounts with demand partners.

User privacy

Your site must have a privacy policy, and that policy must be easily accessible and have a clear link on the site’s home page (at a minimum). Your privacy policy must include:

To support serving personalized ads to EU users, a Consent Management Platform (CMP) registered with and following IAB standards must be correctly integrated, and be able to signal consent for all applicable vendors as required by Notsy.

Traffic quality

As the proprietor of your website, you are responsible for monitoring and filtering the traffic that is monetized on your site.

Invalid traffic includes, but is not limited to:

See Google guidelines for traffic sources for more information.

Please note that we need to see at least three (3) months of consistent and verifiable traffic history to approve a domain. Notsy reserves the right to reduce or deny ad serving to sites that rely on substantially all purchased traffic.

Site content restrictions

As a publisher supported by Notsy, you are responsible for keeping your domain free of the following types of prohibited content:

The following types of content are flagged and as so, may be considered on a site-by-site basis:

Prohibited activities

The following activities and behaviour are prohibited on your site while working with Notsy:

Ad placement restrictions

The following ad placement practices must be followed while partnering with Notsy:

Ads.txt authorization

You must declare Notsy (and Notsy’s partners, where applicable) as an authorized seller in your ads.txt file as per IAB specifications.

Additional resources and information

The following sections contain information that promotes a healthy digital advertising ecosystem.

Coalition for Better Ads

IAB Ad Unit Guidelines

SSP/exchange supply policies

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